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Oprheus & Eurydice

An ancient myth about a wonderful love story. With the famous actor, Oliver Reed, as the narrator, the series depicts the stirring love story of Orpheus and Eurydice, teaching us that "Love demolishes all walls, even the insurmountable ones of Death."


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Oprheus & Eurydice 

The most ancient love story in the world

THE ORPHIC RITES for the BIRTH OF LIGHT: Mysticism, Magic, Eros, Life and Death.

The fascinating DIONYSIAN MYSTERIES are revealed during the Orphic rituals: Dionysus is enamoured of the beautiful Persephone who has just died and restores her to life with his kiss.

The Titans despise Dionysus and kill him, tearing out his heart and burying it. The Goddess Athena unearths his heart and carries it to Mt. Olympus to her father, Zeus, so that Dionysus might be reborn.

Enjoy the hypnotic Ancient Greek Music and Hymns, including the legendary invocation "Evi-Eva" to the GENESIS OF THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, as well as the song of Dionysus and the lament of the death of Eurydice.
Experience the joys and sorrows of the most TRAGIC LOVE STORY ever told from time immemorial.

ORPHEUS meets EURYDICE as she emerges from a river. The wicked sorceress of the moon Goddess Hecate, Aglaonike, with her coterie of Bacchae priestesses, casts a spell upon Eurydice in an attempt to control her.

Orpheus battles the forces of darkness and takes Eurydice as his eternal wife. Their endless love is consecrated in the Golden Lake.

Eurydice is killed by the venomous fangs of the serpent of Aglaonike. Orpheus resolves to descend into Hades, into the Lower World.

He crosses Lake Acherousia where the boatman Charon transports the souls of the dead, to the other dimension.

He traverses the river Styx and reaches the ELYSIAN FIELDS and the fearsome kingdom of Pluto, Lord of the Lower World.

Orpheus poignant encounter with the spirit of Eurydice leads to his overturning the laws of life and death amd bringing her back toward the world of light, only to lose her in the end to Pluto and darkness.


Orpheus is locked in a struggle to save the Temples of Zeus from destruction by the black magic priestesses, the Bacchae.

His heavenly words inspire the savage Thracian warriors.

Enraged at his success, the evil sorceress, Aglaonike, kills Orpheus.
The lament at the death of the GREATEST MYSTIC OF ALL TIME.

  • Duration 120 minutes
  • TV System PAL & NTSC
  • Languages Greek, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese

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