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           Paul Pissanos  was born in Athens in the difficult years of the occupation. At a young age, he founded the organization, "PISSANOS" and as an owner of an advertising agency and a producer of Greek and international television programs, he became widely known in Greece and around the world.
      As an author, he wrote more than 90 books and scripts-- Archaeological, Historical, Theological, Scientific-- which became documentaries shown on TV worldwide, at universities, educational institutions and schools.

     He presented for many years the Greek philosophical television show "Universal Harmony" and participated in conferences in many countries.

      He has participated as a producer of scientific documentaries at international meetings in Cannes since 1988, resulting in a wider connection with the producers and television channels around the world.

      The last work of Paul Pissanos, "From Aristotle to Hawking» was released in over 100 countries as a book and documentary and recommended for the second time by 10 university professors and the Academy of Athens as a candidate for the International Templeton Prize 2011 - 2012.

      He has published to date more than 250 philosophical articles in reputable newspapers. The life’s purpose of the spiritual work of Paul Pissanos is the realization of the idea of the «HEPTAPOLIS» for which he has received awards and medals from several Universities and Institutions of Europe, America and Asia.

To this end, he founded the World Cultural Center "Olympos", of which he is the President and in which participate Academics, teachers, researchers and technocrats from around the world, and who now work together to achieve the grand plan of implementation of the «HEPTAPOLIS».




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